About Kate & Jon

Kate Retherford


Kate’s the awesome half of the Kate & Jon duo.  In the morning, she’s a Social Media Manager at T-Mobile.  By the mid-afternoon, she’s morphed into a lifting and exercising beast. And when night rolls around, she’s the editor of her own media brand, All Things Kate.

Born in Everett in 1989, Kate grew up in her family home in the mountains outside of Granite Falls.  She attended grade school at Grace Academy in Marysville before going off to college at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma where she earned degrees in Business Administration and History .  While her roots have always been in Washington, Kate loves to travel and has ticked Iceland, Norway, Greece, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and many more countries off her list already.



Jon is the other half of the Kate and Jon duo.  As an Avionics Engineer, he spends most of his day in front of the computer writing code and working on logic problems.  During the few hours that he isn’t behind the screen, you’ll find Jon outside taking care of his plants or around the house fixing something.  (Old houses want a lot of attention.)

He was born in Portland, OR in 1988.  While not a Washington native, he moved to Bothell with his family in 1998 and spent the rest of his grade school years there.  He also attended Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma for his undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering and German Language and Literature before moving to Germany and Norway to complete his masters degree in Embedded Computing Systems.

The Story

Kate and Jon met way back when they both were setting out in college.  They had no idea then that they’d end up taking their relation ship all the way to marriage (nor how long it would be before they reached that point), but it is a beautiful story nonetheless.  The story of Kate and Jon is narrated by OpalTheKat.

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The Proposal

Kate wasn’t expecting it on their first full day in Cuba.  Maybe a sunset, but never would it involve horses.  She also wasn’t expecting him to bring something so valuable as a ring to a foreign country.  But sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.  The proposal is too good not read, especially as it is edited by Jasper.

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The Engagement Photos

Kate and Jon had so much fun the first time they did engagement photos that they did it twice!  The first time involved awesome outfits and custom designed bikes by Kate and Jon.  The second was an adventure up to the snowy woods.

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