The Story

This is the story of how Kate and Jon came to be a couple, as told by OpalTheKat, who learned the epic through the many bed time stories told to her by her parents.

The story of Kate and Jon started over a decade ago, in a little room, inside the Administration building on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University.  It was Professor Oestreich’s (you’ll never guess how that name is correctly pronounced) Writing 101, where Kate and Jon sat with half a dozen other students fresh out of high school and unaware of what was waiting for them in college.  From the moment Kate laid eyes on Jon, she knew he was the one.  On the other hand, the idea of dating Kate wouldn’t even cross Jon’s mind for another four years.

Though their college majors would take them in different directions – Kate towards business and history, Jon towards computer engineering and German literature – Kate and Jon remained close friends throughout college.  Their paths would cross often, not only because PLU was a small campus, but also since both were heavily involved in their respective hall councils and the overall Residence Hall Association.

Even after college, Kate and Jon stayed connected.  Most days, Kate and Jon would exchange a few texts, talking about work or other happenings in their lives.  Jon also helped Kate get her blog AllThingsKate started, including developing her first website (and later her second and third).  And on a whim, they even went on a trip together to Iceland, along with a couple of Kate’s friends (one of whom is part of the bridal party).  All the while, Jon was oblivious to what the future would hold for them.

The first flirtation with a possible courtship started about a year after college.  In one of their many late night text conversations, while Jon swept the veterinary floors and Kate shivered in her parked car on the side of the road, the topic of dating came up.  But, while they considered it for a few days, and even circled back to it a couple times in the following weeks, they decided that then was not the right time, for Jon was getting ready to go off to grad school.  And while a long distance relationship can be possible, it would have been made even harder by the fact that Jon was going to be in Germany and Norway, a full nine hours ahead for two years.

But, real love always catches those that it desires, and though Kate and Jon were thousands of miles of away, their conversations did not stop.  They texted daily, and even wrote emails, letters, and post cards to each other, and it became apparent how deep their friendship went.

Finally, after a year of Jon being away, love finally started to get its way, when Kate and Jon finally agreed to start dating, at least as much two people could while being nine timezones apart.  And so it began, for the first six months, until Jon came home for Christmas and the two could finally try out dating in person.  Needless to say it went well.  They spent as much time as they could together for those two weeks, including numerous dates and even a weekend trip to Port Townsend, where Jon ended getting sick but love still persisted.

It was sad when Jon had to return to school, but the two knew that it was only six more months until Jon came home for good.  And while time moved slowly, the two did their best to make it through.  Kate even took a trip out to Europe where she met Jon and a couple of his friends (one of whom also is in the wedding) in Paris.  They spent several days visiting the city of love, before hopping on a plane and traveling to Norway for another few days.  During that week, they were inseparable, and it made the six months a little more bearable.

When Jon, finally, returned home in June, that’s where the story of Kate and Jon really took off.  Their love for each other grew deeper still, and as they say, the rest of history.  (Except that Kate and Jon continued to have excellent adventures together, so the story really doesn’t end here.  So make sure to check out the proposal story.)