Liz Dolan

Maid of Honor

Kate and Liz met in pre-school at Lil Folks Day Care when they were three years old. The two were almost immediately best friends and were inseparable from then on, attending Grace Academy together from Kindergarten through 8th grade, when Liz transferred to Granite Falls High School. From playing dress up to getting stuck in trees, riding bikes to playing in the woods, the two did it all and sometimes got into a bit of trouble along the way. Liz is the closest thing Kate will ever have to a sister. So, for better or for worse, Jon is stuck with their shenanigans forever!

Daljit Singh


Dolly and Kate have known each other since 7th grade when Dolly started school at Grace Academy with Kate (and Liz). The two became close friends after eating lunch together everyday and playing on the basketball team together. After graduation, Dolly attended the University of Washington where she received her B.A. in Political Science and then went on to study at Seattle University where she received her Masters of Public Administration in Non-Profit Management. Kate and Dolly have traveled to England, Scotland, and France together, and Kate, Jon, and Dolly have traveled to Iceland and Italy.

Corine Wong


After Kate graduated from college, she began working at Frontier Communications as a Marketing Intern. A few months into her internship, she was introduced to another Marketing Intern in Rochester, New York. The two became fast friends, thanks to phone calls, IMs, and emails. Both followed similar paths and progressions in their careers and after Kate left Frontier in June 2016, the two continued their friendship, talking on the phone nearly every day about their careers, experiences, and lives. Fun fact: despite being friends since 2011, Kate and Corine only met in person for the first time in October 2017 when Corine visited Seattle with her family, which was after Kate had already asked Corine to be a bridesmaid!

Nicole Klapel


Nicole is Jon’s younger sister and attended Pacific Lutheran University with Kate and Jon. Kate didn’t know Nicole while in college but knew of her (and was convinced Jon was lying about having a sister on campus since she never saw her). The first time Kate officially met Nicole was when she was invited to Jon’s parents house for dinner around the holidays just after they’d started dating. Nicole warned her the family threw food at the table and wrestled. Little did Kate know what she was in for…