Privacy Policy

In a nutshell

We plan to harvest every ounce data about you that we can and then sell it to as many advertisers and manufacturers as we can in order to pay for the wedding!

Actually, we’ll only collect a bit of anonymous information about you just for our own interests and so that we know how many people in general visit our site.  We may also save a cookie here and there in your browser so that we can improve your experience when you come back later.  Other than that, we’ll leave you alone for now.

Google Analytics’ required policy

When you visit our site, we collect a small amount of data regarding your visit, via Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google. Google utilizes the data collected to track and examine the use of, to prepare reports on visitor activities and report them back to us. This helps us to optimize and improve your future visits to our site. If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics tracking, Google allows you to do so using their plug-in.  You can learn more about Google Analytics tracking, how they collect the information, what they do with that information, and what rights you have, visit the Google Analytics partner’s page.

Affiliate Links

At this time, we do not use affiliate links on  However, we reserve the right to start doing so at any time.

Information Submitted

Any personally identifying information you submit to this site including but not limited to: feedback, comments or email messages may be used to contact you.


Any comment submitted is owned by the person who submitted the comment. Any liability for a comment is the responsibility of the person who submitted the comment. By submitting a comment to this site you allow any rights needed to display and edit your comment. We may remove any comment from this site for any reason at our discretion without notice.

Image Use

You may post images from this blog, but must link back to this site or the original post and must give credit for the image. You may not modify, alter, or sell any images from this website without prior consent from us.  Using our images for your own self promotion without our prior consent can quickly lead to legal consequences.


This site may use cookies to improve your experience while visiting. The only information included in the cookie is non-personal and calorie free. You can turn off the use of cookies by changing your web browser’s settings.

Changes to this policy

We may and will update this policy from time to time. The updates and changes will be posted here. The last update to this policy was on 13 February 2018.